ECS LIVA Setup Part 4

DHCP issues

My last problem is related to the way DHCP is handled with ubuntu. Now I could have disabled DHCP and just set everything static but I reload my frontends on a regular basis so I didn’t want to do that every time I setup a frontend. Instead I have created a script to start mythtv after a 10 second delay.

    1.  Create script on the root of the filesystem named
    2. Use the following Content
      1. #start mythtv in a delayed state because of slow ubuntu dhcp networking
      2. sleep 10
      3. mythfrontend –service
    3. Change the default mythtv startup entrymythdelayed-1
    4. Modify the entry to run the script.mythdelayed-2
    5.  Restart and it should auto launch after 10 seconds and you should be up and running.  This concludes my LIVA setup postings. The next step is to configure Mythtv settings which I will leave up to you……


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