Monthly Archives: December 2018

Myth TV on Fire TV


Great news, MythTV now works on FireTV. I have tested this with all versions of FireTV hardware except the original version (i don’t have this one) and they work to different degrees. You should stay clear of wireless and hard wire in to ensure no issues occur. The new 4k stick definitely shows its hardware prowess here. I also can’t complain about the second gen FireTV. Get all the details at the link below.

SCCM Updates Supersedence

here is a quick and simple SQL query to determine what updates supersede and update.

Here is the code, just replace the articleID in the where statement with the update you want to look at.

select distinct
(select vui3.ArticleID + ',' as 'data()'
from v_UpdateInfo vui2
join v_CIRelationEx vre on vre.ToCIID = vui2.CI_ID
join v_UpdateInfo vui3 on vre.FromCIID = vui3.CI_ID
where vui2.CI_ID = vui.CI_ID and vre.RelationType = 6
group by vui3.ArticleID
order by vui3.ArticleID desc
for xml path('')
) as SupersededBy
from v_UpdateInfo vui
where vui.ArticleID = '4464217'