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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites…..

Oh Bacon how I love you!

These delectable delights can be used for just about any occasion. Bacon wrapped chicken bites! The best part is you can garnish them with anything


  • Two skinless chicken breasts and a slab of bacon are all you need.
  • Slice  that chick in to small cubes, dont make them to big or they wont be bites anymore. Finger tip size is about right.
  • You should be able to wrap the chick in about a 1/3rd section of a bacon strip. If you cant the chicken is probably too big to be a bite. I love bacon so i actually wrap mine in a half a strip 🙂
  • Stick a toothpick through them to hold them together. notice in the picture above how there is like a little cup at the top. You’ll want this later.
  • Once you have them made up, place them on a cookie sheet individually and freeze them, yes freeze them.
  • Once they are frozen you can take them out and put them in a container for the next days festivities or cook them right away.
  • To cook them, place them on a cookie sheet or similar sheet and cook them between 350 and 400. Temp depends on how you oven does for cooking bacon. Be careful here or you will burn the top of the bacon.
    • Be aware that when i pull these out of the freezer and cook them, they do cook thoroughly as you have to cook at a higher temp than normal for chicken and the frozen state prevents the chicken from drying out during the cooking process. Again, experiment, results maybe different for you.
  • After about 30 minutes or so. (again this depends on your oven) take them out and they should look like this……


Doesn’t that look good?

You can add some Garnish of some sort here. I like to add BBQ sauce or a brown sugar/chilli powder mixture (1 cup brown sugar, 1-2 tsp chilli powder). you can play with the chilli powder ratio to find the right mixture you like.  To drop some sugar mixture on the top use a melon baller to to create a tight back of sugar in a small ball and drop it on top of the chicken bite. I prefer the OXO melon baller as it has two sizes. I use the small side for this application. The BBQ sauce is very straight forward, put some on the chicken bite and they should look something like this…..

bacon_bites3Light brown topping = brown sugar mixture, dark brown = BBQ sauce

And after  another 10-15 minutes under some heat this comes out…


Doesn’t that look tasty?   🙂